Our Curriculum

   At Creekside Junior Academy, we focus on developing the skills needed to succeed in school and
   life, both social and academic.  Our curriculum includes a balance of:

  • Literacy Skills: Letter and sound recognition, rhyming, name recognition, exposure to an array of quality literature, vocabulary development and listening skills.

  • Math Skills: Number recognition, patterns, sorting, graphing, counting and problem solving

  • Science Skills: Observation, experimentation, discovery, recording and data collecting

  • Music and Movement: Develop rhyme and rhythm through music; develop gross motor skills through movement

  • Spanish Language: Exposure to Spanish in daily routines (months, days, numbers, colors, greetings, and vocabulary)

  • Social Skills: Independent problem solving and self-expression integrated into the curriculum

  • Arts & Crafts:  Paint, glue, and a variety of expressive tools allow development of self-expression and self-confidence in art 

Creekside Junior Academy