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At CJA, we strive to work closely with parents in a partnership that will facilitate the transitions between home and school. Regular communications and a sense of trust between parents and teachers are vital.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality care and education for children and to ensure that parents are valued and respected. We depend on parents to be responsible and active in their child's preschool experience. We expect parents to be familiar with our policies and procedures as outlined in our Parent Handbook.  The Parent Handbook is given to parents upon registration. Parents are asked to sign and return the last page, indicating they have read and agree to our policies.

Stay informed

Important information is disseminated in a number of ways. Please check your child's cubby for the monthly newsletter, reminders and other important information. The newsletter is also sent to parents electronically via email. Regular reminders are sent via email, ClassTag and written on the blackboard just outside the main door. 


Need to connect with your child's teacher?


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