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Creekside Junior Academy's philosophy is that all children should be given the opportunity to thrive in an educational environment that is engaging, dynamic and challenging.  

Our developmentally appropriate curriculum develops the whole child through rich, integrated, and motivating activities. We foster each child's creativity and self-image by allowing the child to learn and develop through structured discovery and play.


Our preschool and pre-kindergarten classes are designed to ensure school readiness and future academic success in young learners. School readiness skills are taught through whole and small group instruction and playful activities woven throughout the day.  

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Pre-School (ages 3-5)

Monday & Friday, 8:30-11:00 

Tuesday-Thursday, 8:30-11:00 or 12:00-2:30

Our long-established preschool model introduces students to core academic skills such as numeracy, literacy, science, arts & crafts and more in a variety of educational settings. Students engage in activities which boost self-confidence and promote social, emotional and physical well-being. During the early preschool years, children develop vocabulary and language skills while being introduced to a wide variety of educational materials. They begin to learn how to work well with peers, small groups and large groups. The two-year curriculum ensures that our preschoolers are challenged and engaged throughout their enrollment at Creekside Junior Academy!

Pre-Kindergarten (age 4-6)

Monday-Thursday, 11:30-3:00


Our new Pre-Kindergarten class is for second year preschoolers who are ready to attend Kindergarten in the next year. The class is specifically designed for students who are ready for more advanced learning and educational skill development.They will continue building upon the skills learned in preschool but will also gain the confidence to work independently and use their skills to complete more in-depth projects with their peers. Our Pre-K class will engage a child in areas that will be taught in kindergarten and introduce them to stationary activities for lengthier periods of time with a smaller student to teacher ratio. This will ready them for the classroom and assist them in engaging with the teacher and other students in an appropriate manner.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Class will be taught by CJA Director and Lead Teacher, Jen Morse along with an educational assistant.

The smaller student to teacher ratio and longer school day allow us to include the following components in our school day:

  • More advanced calendar skills

  • More advanced literacy skills

  • STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

  • Physical education

  • Music and movement instruction

  • Introduction to Spanish

At Creekside Junior Academy, we focus on developing the skills needed to succeed in school and life, both social and academic. Our curriculum includes a balance of:
Literacy Skill
s: Letter and sound recognition, rhyming, name recognition, exposure to an array of quality literature, vocabulary development and listening skills.
Math Skills: Number recognition, patterns, sorting, graphing, counting and problem solving
Science Skills: Observation, experimentation, discovery, recording and data collecting
Music and Movement: Develop rhyme and rhythm through music; develop gross motor skills through movement

Social Skills: Independent problem solving and self-expression integrated into the curriculum
Arts & Crafts:  Paint, glue, and a variety of expressive tools allow development of self-expression and self-confidence in art 


Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

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